Daily Setup Reports
Index Futures   Financial   Currencies
S&P 500 Index   Treasury Bonds 30 yr   Euro Currency
S&P 500 Index E-mini   Treasury Notes 10 yr   Japanese Yen
NASDAQ 100 Index   Treasury Notes 5 yr   British Pound
NASDAQ 100 E-mini   EuroDollar   Swiss Franc
Dow Jones Indust Avg   T-Bill 90 Day   Canadian Dollar
Nikkei 225 Stock Avg   Municipal Bond Index   Australian Dollar
S&P 400 Index Midcap       US Dolar Index
NYSE Composite Index   Energy    
CRB Index   Natural Gas   Others
    Light Crude Oil   Coffee
Metals   Heating Oil   Cocoa
Gold 100 oz   Unleaded Gas   Orange Juice
Silver       Cotton #2
Copper - High Grade   Live Stock   Sugar #11
Palladium   Live Cattle   Soybeans
Platinum   Lean Hogs   Soybean Meal
    Pork Bellies Frozen   Soybean Oil
    Feeder Cattle   Corn
        Wheat - KW
Disclaimer: The quotes and indicator values shown on report pages were taken from sources beleived to be reliable. Trotter Trading Systems, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. No trade recommendation are being made or should be inferred from the above information.